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Kaohsiung Activities November 2008 (97)

activities in Kaohsiung
"> for November
Event brochure already in the B&B (chinese and English) for November 2008 incl Art Exhibition at CKS old Villa (most of the time not open for public)陽光藝術季/dm1.jpg陽光藝術季/dm2.jpg

Kaohsiung Film Archive

Navy at Zuoying opening Day : 8 Nov
Tel: 07 58365821 or 58115380

Navy Stadium, Zuoying District

Fishermans Wharf: Navy opens from

Gangshan AFB:
30aug Taiwan (ROC) Kangshan AFB Open House Academy others

11oct Taiwan (ROC) Pingtung AFB Open House 439th Comp. Wing
18oct Taiwan (ROC) Chiayi AFB Open House 455th Wing
8nov Taiwan (ROC) Kuejien AFB (Tainan) Open House 443rd Wing
8nov Taiwan (ROC) Tainan Army Base Open House Av. Training Command
15nov Taiwan (ROC) Hsinchu (Shinsue) Army Base Open House 602nd Av. Brigade
20dec Taiwan (ROC) Songshan AFB Open House HQ

Container Art (Art Museum - Neiweipi Cultural Park)

Zuoying Wannian Culture Festival from 22-30 Nov daily firework and watershow

Hakka Museum Tue-Sun
Gao Tower no program at the moment
Pier 2 monday closed

YM Ocean Museum at Cijin opens since 30th December.
35 stop from 12.30-18.30 near fishing port

Veterans Museum near Lotus Lake a 15 min walk
Tue-Sun 9-17.00
Britisch Consulate open again (Coffeeshop)

Klin Factory (Building) 07-2288849
steel and Iron Festival daily until 22 Nov.08

La Mambo Coffee 2F next to Visitor Information Center
Special Menues

History and Art museum have some nice Exhibition at the moment(1o min with the shuttle bus to the Art museum) or 10-15 min by bicycle.
Flea Market near Art museum normally last saturday of the month
next 27 September

There is a golf ranch next to the B&B, navy swimming pool not sure it is still open(since the weather getting cooler), library, 2nd running movies at the navy (5 min by bicycle) lotus lake 5 min by bicycleor 15 min walk (nice place for relax like at Confucius temple). for a bicycle trip arround the B&B

At Cijin maybe you can get a free bicycle from the police so you can relax on the island have a nice walk to some of the sights.

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