Montag, 16. Juli 2007

pre opening party (of the rooms)

Last sunday pre opening party (of the rooms) 15 July

Photos you can find in the next days (incl the room photos).

Lantern Festival video

UN for Taiwan for UN

UN for Taiwan for UN
Die Sonne scheint auf alle gleich, / warum nicht auch auf TAI WAN?/ Warum sollen wir im Schatten steh´n,/ Wir wollen das Licht der Freiheit seh´n./ Die Sonne scheint den kleinen Mann/ genauso wie den großen an./ Ein Stück vom Herz der Welt ist TAI WAN / drum macht uns frei und macht uns gleich!
UN don’t forget ROC was a founder Nation of the UN in 1945UN don’t forget when USSR join UN Belarus and Ukraina was also allowed to be a member of the UN also when it was a part of USSR at that time.Is there someone cooking with a different water?the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, are invited to become observers at the General Assembly., hmm a country without his own land?

2007 8-11 NOV Kaohsiung Yacht & Outdoor Leisure Industry Show, other Exhibiton

Glory Harbor 8-11 November

Kaohsiung Business Exhibition Center


free entrance to the Science Museum

free entrance to the Science Museum(exhibition) in Kaohsiung
every tuesday from 9- 10.00 but you can stay as long as you like (until 6pm open)
take the free shuttle bus from the BB (mainroad) and transfer to a other bus 12ND

IMAX Theatre in Kaohsiung 3D movies!! and Train ride

Science Museum and IMAX Theater 9-18.00 Tu-Sun for the correct time of the movie

Dinosaurs: 3D
Wired to Win: 2D

NSTM simulations:Fuell Cell Train
Train running on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power
Weekend and National Holiday
9.30-12.00 and 13.30-17.00
Price 30 ND
Venue: Northern Park of Museum

Navy Ships,Air Force open to the public on special days and Military Service Fair

Should you stay in the BB it is in a short walking distance to the NAVY BASE.

Visit the Navy ships:

Zuoying Navy Base near BB 5 min walk
Oct 4 and Nov 8 (sometimes you can also visit the supmarines there)

Zuoying Base other gate (Marines)
Sep 14 2008

near Fishernmans Wharf 2008 (no schedule yet)
for more Information call 07 5836582

Pingtung Air Force Base 11 Oct. 08
Gangshan Air Force Base (normally in Sep)

Military Service Fair
no new schedule yet Contact 07-3373582 Li Siou-yin

kaohsiung activites and Ship Info

Kaohsiung Staedtisches Filmarchive/Municipal Film Archive:

sometimes Outdoor movies

13.30-21.30 (Tue-Sun)

Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Hall
FREIER Eintritt?Free of charge

28 19.30 open season 80 min

Kulturzentrum/Culture Center
Freier Eintritt/free of charge)

President Einkaufszentrum/Department store RF /Roof top
Freier Eintritt/free of charge
Saturday night at 7pm rooftop
film information check 07-2255791-2108 /19

Tzaishan Community: Cisan 2nd Rd. 398/10…
ask. For activities

"WombBloc"near President department store
No Movies at the moment!

Dog Pig:
Some times movies

Science Museum: check with mit IMAX Theater 9-18.00 Tu-Sun
for price and time
at the moment Dinosaurs:Giant of Patagonia 3D
Wired to Win 2D www.

Sun Yat-sen University:

Film/Movie Austellung/exhibition in

Cinema: please check the program with the cinemas

2 2nd running movie theatre near the BB price 70-80 NTD
(programm in the BB)


Kulturzentrum/Culture Center:
Chih Shan Hall

Chih Ten Hall

Music Hall (love river)

Sun Ya Sen University SYS Hall
Check also with other university….(sometimes concerts,…)

Activities in some department stores on weekends.
Incl TV and radio

Kaohsiung Business Center (near History Museum)

Exhibition in TUNTEX 85 and Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall (next to Blue Lagoon)
Check with the organizations

Culture Center:

Culture center outdoor activities
Every Saturday 16-21.30 Art market

Museum for Medical museum:

Wednesday until Sunday 9.30-16.00 (break 12.-13.00??)
Also info about the old Hospital on Cijin and about Maxwell

Shoushan Zoo: 9.00-17.00 (Monday closed)

Pier 2 Art Center:

Soaring Cloud Art Center:
Thuesday-Friday 13-18.00 Sa-Sun 11-20.00
Sc-art@umail.hinetnet 5331755
And Exhibition ( a sculpture tells a thousand tales story of Buddha statues)

Sinpink Gallery:
Wednesday to Sunday 13-19.00
http;// 5332041

Soka Art Gallery : Tue-Sun 9.30-17.00
Tel: 07-561 5633

Dog Pig: open Tuesday to Sunday 17-24.00 07-5212422

Near President department store "WombBloc".

Sincewell Humanistic Gallery Mingje str.37 (Pasadena)
open 12-20.00 07-3452699
Sam Tseng 0956887335

Heping 1st Rd. no146 exhibition open 10-23.00 Tel 07-2235199

Shan Ming 482 Rd. new one …. Mo-Fri 8-20.00 Sa-Sun 8-12 -
Tu- Sun 10.-21.30

JhongHwa 353 Gushan: Mon-Fri 10-17.00

Celebrated Art Gallery .Boi Ai 2nd Rd 200 3F: Tel 07-5571214
Tu- Sun 10.30-18.00
Library Minsheng Rd : 9-17.00
painting exhibition

Social Education Hall: 9-12.00 and 14-17.00

Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery: u.

Kao Yuan At Center 1821 Jungshan rd.Luju mo-fr 9-17.00

Chengshiu Art Center 07-738564

British Consulate: Special Exhibition of Dr James L Maxwell (Cijin) and Takao .

University Gallery: Nantzi

Chinatrust Hotel 2F Tel 07-3928681
For activities call china trust hotel

Kaohsiung Municipal Education Hall: 9-12.00 and 14-17.00

Culture Center:
Chih Chen Gallery A and B
Chi Mei Gallery
Culture Exhibition Room 1 and 2
Ya Gallery

Special exhibition in Floor 3 and in the Music Museum (Culture Center)
Normally open Tuesday- Friday 9-17.00 Sa- Sun 9-21.00

History Museum: Tu-Sun

Art Museum: Tu-Sun 9-17.00
Gallery for Citizens

Sculpture Development in Taiwan (Long term exhibition) rom 104-105
A Journey of Kaohsiung Architecture (Long term exhibition) room 301
The South .. (painting) (Long Term exhibition)
Love River Traveler (long term exhibition) a painting 30m X 1m20

Art lecture check with the museum

In the children museum of Art museum Tu-Sun 9-12.00 and 13.30 -16.30

And Sculture park in the Neiweipi Culture Area

National Museum of Science& Technology: Tu-Sun 9-17.00
Free entrance on Tuesday from 9. -10.oo am
Special exhibition:…..

Hakka Museum Tuesday to Sunday 9-17.00
Exhibition about Hakka
Gallery in B: ….. until …

Brick Klin Factory:
No special program at the moment please check with the Love ricer Association:

Kaohsiung Vision Hall (Old trainstation)

Confucius Temple: special exhibition
For Chinese speaking people
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday special tour and you can get a price 13.00 and 16.00
Free brief tours in English, Chinese Wednesday,Friday Sunday 11-17.00

Martyr’s Shrine: special exhibition
British Consulate: special exhibition

Chen Jhong-he Memorial Hall (open 2nd Saturday of the month)
Wude Doje Arts Center

Science Museum:

Special Exhibition:
Old House in Nantzi
Museum in Nantzi
Museum in Zuoying

Indigenious Botanical garden:
Wetland Parks:
Jhouzih Wetlland park check for the opening time 07-5822371
Incl.?? Banping Lake Wetland Park, Museum of Fine Art Wetland Park,
Jhondu (Love River) Wetland, Benheli Wetland Park, ..ngjhonggang Wetland Park
Chaishan (Shoushan).
Banpingshan Nature Park
Turtle Mountain

Lotus Lake: 20 Minnan and Taiwanese style temples
Dragon and Tiger Pagodas
East, South and Northgate incl Fongshan Wall
Ancient Houses of Xie, Zeng,Lin,Chen and Xue Family can be
fount around old Fongshan area.
Trainstation and old steam trains

Golden Lion Lake:
Butterfly Ecological Garden and Rose Garden

Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park: 95 hectare

Historical Museum near Fishermans Wharf

Fishery Museum open for group
Light gun museum and navy museum are open for groups (special permit)
Indigenous Museum (open?)
Private movie Exhibition in the
Open mo-fr 1-10.oo pm sa-sun 10am -10am
10 shihcyuan 1st road 161 floor 7

Special private exhibition in different temple

Blue Lagoon

Music Fountain (Yencheng Citizen’s Square) weekend 10.30=21.30 every one gours
Weekdays 12.30 15.30 18.30 19.30 20.30
Dream Mall: Children Museum (not open yet)
Ice Museum (not open yet)
Giant Wheel mo-thu 11.00-24.00, fr 11.00-1.00 sa 10.30 -24.00 (1.00)
Price 150 ND

Yocheng Culture Museum Train Museum (not open yet) Train station in Takao (port Station)
14 ……

Middle Train station, Gushan old trainstation: wooden train station

YM Ocean Gallery (not open yet)

Visit the Navy ships:
near Fishermans Wharf

Zuoying Navy Base near BB 5 min walk &February

(sometimes you can also visit the supmarines there)
Zuoying Base other gate?
Sep 16

Cruises: harbor cruise: Yencheng Harbor Pier 5211685 Chan An No 1
Global Ocean ltd. 5335287 Steamboat 400 ND
dinner 600ND
: Fishermans Pier: Chan An No.1 :
Sat- sun 200 ND 5.30 70min 07-2399888 still okay?
No2. Chang An 07-521-3005 still exist Global Ocean?
: Kaohsiung Ferry: harbor ship 07 5514316?? still running?
: Shaochuantou Yacht Wharf
Asma Leisure 0912480636
Global Ocean Ltd. 5335287 or 0988291989
40 people 6000 ND
Harmasing 5335567 5 ships
1 boat 2,5,16,47,… people

Fishing little lioucho 2000 nd per person 1 day min
60 min tour 400 (harbor)
120 min 1000ND (hsiziwan bay around cijin)
Min 5 people

08-8867202 no working

0931865796 or 0932899784
42 people 6000ND 70 min

Cruise liner 0929547897
Boat 47 people 10 000 ND 90min 40% discount
Contact with shin wen?
0931812827 or 0929232066 (Cooperation)
Harbor cruise 400 ND per person … min (on request)

CKS President Villa: Sun Yat-sen Univeristy:
exhibition sometimes

Temple performance and Opera company performance:
Opera troupe by the god Beijixuantian temple
Honan Opera troupe near jhongshan hall
national guoguang opera: or or Tel 07- 5828753
Next performance Nov. 3 19.30
Nov 4 14.30
Sun Hope Taiwanese Opera Troupe: 07-3430389
( Opera troupe by the god Beijixuantian temple)

Love river boat: 16-23.30
Love river- Tuntex 85 Sa-Sun

Ferry to Penghu
TAI HWA daily except Saturday at 9.30 Fr also 23.00 07-5515823 or 5613866
Uranus ( 07-5665017-20, 06-9278061-2

Cimei Nan Hai 06-9272376 or 27 06 9272376-79, 0933283142 0912797136
27 July Cimei – wangan - makung

Quan Xen (Shinny) 06- 9901201 0682779177 Caotun (Traffic Company)

Okinawa Japan 07-3309811-6
Taiwan - Naha Service (NHA)
Kaohsiung Naha

Kinmen : shipKinmen Express 07-3329588 or 082-329988
Shin daen How (Star Sky) Destination:??? 06-2680000 Tainan Makung

Boat from Fongbitou to Little Lioucho: please check with the
Shipping Schedule Fongbitou Harbor in Kaohsiung – Liouciou (The Sea Queen)*Shipping schedule of The Queen of Sea is uncertain and need pre-confirmation via phone Monday~ Friday : 8:00 / 9:00 / 10:30 / 12:30Holidays :Star from 8:00 and close at 17:00 1 boat per hour Liouciou - Fongbitou Harbor in Kaohsiung(The Sea Queen 168 passenger)
S.S. Prince (361 passenger)
Monday~ Friday : 8:30 / 9:30 / 10:30 / 13:00Holidays :Star from 8:00 and close at 17:30 1 boat per hour
Ticket Price The Sea Queen Tel: 886-7-8719333 or 8721222
08 8320333 or 8322592
Price: Round-trip ticket for adult $420、for 3-12 $220

Sat- Sun 9 pm to Haikou and back at 17.00 500 nd single
from haiku to Kenting (other ship) kenting to Orchid and Green Island
(other ship)

Other boat to Liouciou
Linyuan to Zhongyun JenAi Ferry 07-6412201 380ND???

Donggang to Liouciou
Joint Boat 08 8325806, 8337493
Boat: Dongxin, Guang Guang, Zhongyi, Fei Ma, Liang Tai ???
Liouciou Township Ferry (Steam) 08 8613048, 8327512

New ship on weekend to Liouciou from Love Pier

Daily Tours with:
Taiwan tourbus: 0800 011765
English Chinese
Pingtong Travel Service:

2009 Pre Events !
Tschoukball (Normal University)
Beach-Handball (Hzitewan Bay)
In November (Orienteering – Metropolitan Park
Holy Rosary Church: English mass Sunday 11am 07-2214434
St. Joseph the worker Church: English mass Sunday 10am 07-3616866 Mo to Fri 8.30 am
St. Mary’s Catholic Church: English mass Sunday 9.30 am 07-5337394
Lady Chapel 07-5219544 English mass Sunday 9.00 Fatima Lady Chapel call 07-2351753

For Salors:
Lutheran Church
Tel: 0952-168-766 / Rev. Smith
for Presbyterian Church Tel 822-7296 and
Catholic Church Stella Maris Service Center 521-3976


Cijin Island News

CIJIN Insel Nachrichten/Island News
Diese Woche/This Week in Kaohsiung

Leuchturm/lighthouse 9-16.00 (Montag geschlossen/Monday closed)
Cihou Festung/Fort Strasse geschlossen/ street closed
Erreichbar via Leuchtturm reach via lighthouse
Cihoushan Sternentunnel/star tunnel
Cijin Strand/beach und Musikspringbrunnenparkzeiten/ Music Fountain park:
Waterdanceshow: Mo-Fr 10-12.00 14-20.00
Sa-Su 10-12.00 14-21.00 Show every one hour
Takes around 15-20min
Rickshaws: 100 ND to ferry station 200 ND circle
Cihou Kirche/Church Messe/mass So/Sun 9.40
Cijin Faehrstation/Ferry Station: Faehre von/ Ferry from 6-24.00
Boote nahe der Faehrstation fahren auch nach Mitternacht/
Boat next to the ferry station also after midnights
Bus: 35 ca. alle 20- 30 min/ around every 30 min.
Busroute wegen Strassenaufgrabungen geaendert/
Bus route change because of street diggings
Rickshaws :200 ND cicle
Fahrraeder/ Motorroller Bike/scooter:
Gesundheitszentrum/Health Center
Cijin Strandpark/seaside park
Lin Shui Tempel/temple
Originales Dagou Schulhaus/ Original Dagou Schoolhouse
Fu Shon Tempel/temple
Kaohsiung Institut fuerMarinetechnik/ Institute of Marine Technology
Muschelmuaeum/seashell museum 9-17.00 (Montag geschlossen/Monday closed)
Mercyland DIY Square Sonntag Vorstellung/ Sunday Performance.

Cijin Meeereskueste/Seashore Park
Tian Sheng Temple Temple of holy (holiness) Heaven.
Cijin Softball Feld/ Field
Baseball Feld/Field
4X Fahrrad Strecke/Cycling Track
Der 25 Damen Friedhof/ The 25th Ladies Graveyard
Benthos and Spa of Salzwaaser/ salt water park:
07-5720023 jhong jhou 2nd rd. 289-1
Krieg und Friedens Erinnerungspark/War and PeaceMemorial Park
Cijin Junior High School
Windkraft/Wind power Park
Swimming Pool open 13.30-16.30 19.00-21.30 Price 52 ND
Star of the sea Katholische Kirche/ Catholic Church (1960)
462 chungchou 2nd rd. 07-571 2015?? Pastor Rev. Bosco, Chen
0955 428769 Parish Council, chairman: Mr.Yu-Pi Chao
Indigenous People Church:
Dashan Elementary School
Red Lantern Meeresfruechtemarkt/ Seafood Market: 15.30-20.30
Boat to True Love Pier (only with valid ticket)
Tuesday-Friday 19.40 and/und 21.30
Saturday/Sunday/Holidays 15.30 16.30 17.30 18.30 19.30 20.30 21.30
Ocean Antifacts Museum Samstag/Sonntag Saturday/Sunday geoeffnet/open 13-17.00

(could be closed at the moment! same changes of the exhibition)
Liberty Pier
Abwasserorganismus Ausstellungshalle/The Sewerage System Exhibition Hall Oeffnungszeiten erfragen sie unter/ please call for opening time 07-3373350
Jhongjhou Softball Field
No 6 Park
Jhongjhou Elementary School
Jhongjhou Ferry Station
Ferry to Gaozi Tower: 6.55 and 16.25 Mo-Fr

Faehre nach/Ferry to Cianchen Ferry Station (Dream Mall)

Guangji Tempel/ Temple
Gaozi Turm/ Tower
Tunnel unter dem Hafen/Cross-harbor tunnel
Gaozi Tower:Art & Culture park : Tu-Fri 15-22.00
Sat-Sun 10-22.00
Bus nach/toSiaogang Station : 63,78 dann/than 301 oder/or 12 nach/to KHH Flughafen/airport, KHH Bahnhof/ trainstation
Boot/Boat von/from Hogmaogang nach/to Jhongjhou Fery Station 7.25 and 16.55 Mo-Fr
Nach/to Siaogang Ferry Station (end of Taiji Road)
6.20,7,7,40,8,20 9 10 11 12 13,10 14,30 15,30 16,20 17,00 17,40 18,30 19,30 20,30 21,30 22.15 exept sa, su and holiday
From siaogang 6,05 6,40 7,20 8 8,40 9,30 10,30 11,30 12,35 13,45 15 16 16,40 17,20 18 19v20 21 22 exept sa, su and holiday

Nachtmarkt?Night market:
Twice a week in front of Cijin Elementary School (No.14) MO and FR
Guangji Temple (No.37) THU
Jhongshin near Jhongjhou ferry station (No.36) SU
18-19.00 until 23-24.00
Andere Temple/Other Temple:\
Andere Veranstaltungen/Other Activties:
Sonnenauf und untergang Sunrise/sunset
24 5.32/18.23
29 5.28/18.25

Wasser/ Water; Flut/high tide Ebbe/low tide

Following Ships Arrived/Departure today Day….


Sonntag, 15. Juli 2007

2007 Lion Dance Festival 3-11.Nov.07

at Labor Recreation Center of the Labor Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government- Kaohsiung Culture Center

Creative Lion Dance Championship
3-11 Nov.
Initial Contest 3-4 Nov
Final 10-11 Nov.

Montag, 9. Juli 2007